2014 Summer Social Dinner

Also this year the SPE Italian Section board has been pleased to organize the summer dinner in order to create a moment of sharing and to meet Members spread all over the Country. Thanks to our supporters even this year the dinner has been a great moment that has offered the opportunity to give to the members feedback on the year’s activities and to share with them the main objectives for the coming year.

The new SPE chairman, Loris Tealdi, welcomed all the participants by sharing a presentation to explain which are the section milestones and what has made our association what is today. Above all, he reminded which are the values that every Board Member has to bring to the section in order to add something in terms of knowledge, sharing and networking.

One of the most relevant news for the 2014-15 year is the new asset of the board. Despite the previous years the Board Members will be less in term of number and each of them will work together with a group of Advisors. All the Board Directors have been called to be actively part of the Section, in line with the SPE volunteer philosophy. Loris has also highlighted the importance of the Bulletin, that is an historical milestone of the SPE Italian Section’s growth. All the Directors of the Board are invited to be more dynamically involved in the Bulletin’s life, periodically writing articles about the activities promoted by the SPE. In line with the Section’s philosophy everyone is willing to share ideas or questions with the Board members.

Following Loris’s speech, Paolo Murmura – Membership and YP Co-chairperson – has presented a feedback on the YP “Path the Excellence” a 5 workshops program focused on soft Skills which has called may of young professionals of several companies. The workshops’ hosted very high profile Speakers, well-known in the oil&gas industry. Considering the success of the Path to Excellence Program, the Young Professionals have organized for the coming year a new series of workshops focused on the challenges of the industry and on the importance of the communication and sustainability as integrated part of the business. During the dinner Paolo has presented the details of the programs.

A special thank to our sponsor:  Ava, Pergemine, Schlumberger, Baker Huges, Chimec, Geolog, Halliburton, Magadril, Mepeco, Mi Italiana,  Nsc, Petromed, Weatherford 

We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Social Dinner!

For any question please do not hesitate to contact us: speyp.italy@gmail.com

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